Thursday, August 13, 2009


The End Is Now made Relevant's best of 09 book list. Where did it end up on this list? Only one way to find out. Also some other very good books you should be reading on this list

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just for the record I am a novelist. Which means that I write books that are not truth, but rather make believe stories that point to much bigger, rewarding, and insightful truths.

My newest novel, is titled, The End Is Now. It is about Goodland, Kansas a town that will be the test market for the rapture. It is not pro-rapture or anti-rapture but simply and exploration of faith and humankind's fascination with The End Of The World. Here is the trailer:

My debut novel is titled The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher. I just did a piece for Relevant with Jason Boyett where he described the novel as "A brilliantly satirical romp in which a non-theistic real estate agent ends up the pastor of a megachurch." That's the best synopsis I've heard all week. Here is the trailer: 


Matthew Paul Turner a friend (as he says it we're Facebook friends, but we're also like minded authors in the CBA, I'd like to think of us as the Tito Jacksons of the CBA.) Anyway, I did a guest post for his blog Jesus Needs New PR (Rob Bell was on the morning, and Rob Bell is the Michael Jackson of the CBA). 

I was writing about a controversial topic, but didn't want to give an obvious answer. Would the obvious have been safer? Yes. But people turn off the hearing aids when it comes to obvious answers, and besides I think the question posted on the blog brought up real issues. 

Here's what I had to say at Jesus Needs New PR