Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay, so the ARC's (it's an acronym publishing folk use for advanced reading copy) for The End Is Now are out. An ARC is something that is bound like a book, looks like a book, but it's not quite a book. It's like the rough cut of a movie. The ARC's for TEIN (an acronym for The End Is Now) got printed a couple of weeks ago by the good people at Zondervan. And now the seeds of those ARC's are blossoming into endorsements and reviews. That sounded weird. Sorry I wanted to give a nice springtime analogy but not sure if that worked. In fact I'm sure it didn't. It bombed. If I had time I'd write a better analogy but I save that sort of great writing for my books. 

So, anyway, here are some endorsements by writers who I admire and respect and am thrilled to have them say kind words about my novel: 

"Rob has a way of undermining your way of thinking without you knowing it. Like a thief in the night, his endearing characters and hilarious satire will disarm your defenses and rattle your traditions. By the time you realize Rob has more in mind than simple entertainment, it will be too late. Some difficult questions will be staring you in the face and you might as well wrestle with them until morning comes."
 -- Glenn Packiam, pastor and author of "Butterfly in Brazil" and "Secondhand Jesus"

"If any genre needs a good satirist, it's end-of-the-world fiction. Good thing we have Rob Stennett. He's the Christopher Buckley of rapture reading."
-- Jason Boyett, author of Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse and other Pocket Guide titles.

"Rob Stennett makes the apocalypse fun! He has once again served up a brilliant dose of family dramedy. With equal parts humor, pathos, and artistry, Stennett deftly examines controversial dogma through the lens of family dysfunction. The satire ranges from subtle to sublime. It’s the best kind of storytelling—keenly observed, wise, humane, insightful, sympathetic, and downright rapturous.
--  Michael Snyder author of My Name Is Russell Fink and Return Policy 

"The End Is Now is a compelling story of love, faith, anxiety, humor, uncertainty, fear, community, family, and redemption. Rob Stennett tells a gripping tale that leaves no one behind."
-- Kevin Beck author of This Book Will Change Your World 


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