Thursday, August 13, 2009


The End Is Now made Relevant's best of 09 book list. Where did it end up on this list? Only one way to find out. Also some other very good books you should be reading on this list


Tiny Weenie said...

It seems to me that the fact no one commented on your August 13th post was the straw that broke the blogger's fingers. So allow me to say "Great job on the TEIN accolades" and let's get this party revved back up again. Tiny cocktail weenies for everyone!

EditorMule said...

I just finished reading Ryan Fisher on my Kindle. As a book reviewer, I should be able to whip up some praise for your writing but this actually left me almost speechless. I enjoyed the book in a way that's difficult to explain. Your simplistic sentence structure contains implied details which require the reader to stop mid-paragraph to appreciate the nuances. See? I told you I didn't know how to explain how much I enjoyed the book. It was the hiccups in my reading process - the quick jab-punch of descriptions and character development.

Katherine? Her persona embodies dozens of women I've met in my lifetime. I remember "Christian Women" lunches in SC where we won door prizes for having "the most buttons on our dresses" and these were smart women, dedicated professionals who just wanted to believe in something, believe in themselves. The honesty of Katherine's character is so spot-on, I can't help but wonder how "guy" nailed it. Congratulations.

And I've known so many Ryan's. Granted, my experience is mostly southern, but he is the everyman.

Keep writing. I'll keep reading. This morning is a hurried one so I haven't re-read my comments or edited them - hope there aren't too many mistyped words. I don't have time to re-write or preview this, time marches on and I have my own blog to write today.
* and thanks for the Sheriff's codes at the end. Genius.
-Valerie MacEwan